Ce projet irresponsable d’enfouissement de déchets nucléaires à un kilomètre du Lac Huron menace la réserve de 21% des eaux douces de la planète, y compris tout le fleuve Saint-Laurent. La pétition ci-dessous veut à bon droit l’empêcher. N’oubliez pas que ces déchets seront radioactifs pendant cent mille ans au moins (réfléchissons que les Grands Lacs ont été formés il y a douze mille ans!). Voici le courriel d’alarme reçu:

Dear Pierre Jasmin,

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is planning to bury radioactive nuclear waste in a deep geologic repository (or nuclear waste dump) less than a mile from the shore of the Great Lakes, in Kincardine Ontario, Canada. Burying nuclear waste right beside 21% of the world’s fresh water and the source of drinking water for 40 million people in two countries defies common sense.  Approval of OPG’s plan is slated to occur in 2014.

There are many reasons to be concerned about this plan including:

  • Some of this nuclear waste remains radioactive and lethal for over 100,000 years
  • No scientist or geologist can provide us with a guarantee that this nuclear waste will not leak and contaminate the Great Lakes
  • OPG did not consider ANY other sites for the location of this nuclear waste dump
  • A nuclear waste dump in limestone is unprecedented and unproven anywhere else in the world
  • Other nuclear waste dumps have leaked

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump is a non-profit organization formed by concerned citizens to raise awareness and engage the public to take an informed stand to oppose this nuclear waste dump.  Our petition has gathered more than 46,000 signatures, including signatories from every Province and Territory in Canada, all 50 US States, and 96 countries of the world.  Prominent signatories include: Dr. David Suzuki, Farley Mowat, Robert Bateman & Maude Barlow.  Over 850 doctors have signed our petition. 

It is vitally important that we send a clear message to Canada’s Minister of the Environment, Leona Aglukkaq that opposition to OPG’s plan is significant and growing.

Please consider sharing this message with members of Artists for Peace / Les Artistes pour la paix and others in your network so we can raise awareness and build opposition to this ill-conceived plan. With your help, we can reach 100,000 signatures on the petition to STOP the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump!


For further information please see: www.stopthegreatlakesnucleardump.com

With hope and determination,

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump

Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump Inc. is a non-profit organization of concerned Canadians who believe that the protection of the Great Lakes from buried radioactive nuclear waste is responsible stewardship, and is of national and international importance.  

The Great Lakes were created by an ice age 12,000 years ago.

The Egyptian pyramids were created 4,500 years ago.

Christianity is 2,000 years old.

Some nuclear waste remains radioactive for 100,000 years.

The Great Lakes constitute 21% of the world’s fresh water.

The Great Lakes are the water source supporting 40 million people in 2 countries.

An underground nuclear waste dump 1 km from the shore of Lake Huron defies common sense.